Be True — Be Lifted-GREEN

Be you Be true Be who God made you to be Because that is what you Are called to do Be original Not a copy When you are not You will be exposed And everyone will know Being fake always show If you have to change who you are For someone let them go When […]

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People-Brothers Murray

You’ll never be stretched hanging around people who look like you, dress like you & act like you. At best, you will simply maintain where you are and have always been. Don’t you want more? If you do, be okay with intermingling your life with zip codes, experiences and people that you aren’t familiar with.…

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Wal-Mart to Cut 7,000 Jobs, Offer Workers New Role in Company — KTLA

Wal-Mart said Wednesday that it’s cutting 7,000 positions. The retail giant — which employs about 2.3 million workers worldwide — said in a statement that the cuts affect accounting and invoice jobs in its U.S. stores. The company said affected employees will have the option to work in another role at Wal-Mart. Communications director Deisha […]

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